Hey! I'm Julia

facebook ads expert

If you need to know just one thing about me? I love helping people grow their businesses! I've helped dozens of companies increase sales exponentially! I think it's super exciting that I've been able to work with people who are passionate about growing their business and want to see it succeed.

I love to dig into people current strategies, analyze how they're currently selling their products, and tear it all apart! (I've been known to "DISRUPT" business owners' current strategies and look at it with a fresh eye!) And yes don't worry! I disrupted their strategies and immediately boosted their ROI. 

I am a "creative" girl - meaning I can sell your products better if I get to write the ad copy and headlines myself, and I love to create videos and photos to use for testing ads. 

I am a firm believer in A/B SPLIT TESTING and practice this daily!

I am super passionate about teaching you everything I know in the field of Facebook Advertising! Let me warn you - it moves quickly and things change daily - so be prepared to adapt 🙂

Side note: I LOVE hiking, exploring, I'm a wedding photographer, and have been an entrepreneur since childhood!

I used to have a bead jewelry business (I'd sell at garage sales, school, campsites), I used to teach piano lessons, and now I'm currently a wedding photographer in the summer months, owner of my Advertising Company (AdVenture Marketing), and I get to work with dozens of clients who sell products online! 

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