Facebook Advertising isn’t as simple as "Boosting Posts" and getting instant sales in your business.

How To Advertise Your Passion Project PROFITABLY

Grow your Business With EFFECTIVE Facebook Ads!

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    Interested in learning the exact steps you need to take from someone who has spent over $15+ Million on Facebook ads?
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    Want to learn how to setup and create "Direct Performance" Facebook ads that will actually bring you money?
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    Do you already have a website but don't know how to market your products?

Are You Frustrated That Your Sales Have Plateaued? 

Have you been trying to grow your passion project, hobby or business and don't know the next steps to take? Are you ready to start selling your products online? Have you already created a website and don't know where to start when it comes to marketing your products on Facebook? Maybe you've tried "Boosting Posts" on Facebook before but it didn't actually bring in sales?

I get it. You have a business you LOVE and you want to ditch your full-time job so you can focus fully on your passion and do what you love! Maybe you want to stop selling at the weekly Farmer's Market and you're ready to sell to people who DON'T live in your city!

But unfortunately you don't know how to market your product online, or you're sick of wasting your precious time and money trying to develop an online presence that doesn't actually bring in money! (ugh, the worst). Maybe you've seen thousands of ads come across your newsfeed and you think..."how do they do this?" 

If you've never tried Facebook ads before but know that you....

  • Want to be Self-Employed
  • Want to expand your clients past family + friends
  • Have a passion project or a hobby you want to make profitable
  • Are frustrated with trying to figure out ads on your own
  • And want to grow your business

Then I’ve got the perfect solution for you! 

I’ll change your whole mindset on Facebook Advertising and show you the EXACT STEPS you need to take in order to feel equipped to start creating your own ads.

If you're ready to turn your hobby into a profitable business, sick of wasting money on "Boosted Facebook Posts", and eager to grow your business to new cities...you're in the right place.

Ready to take the leap and learn how to create PROFITABLE Facebook ads from someone who has spent over $15+ Million dollars on the platform?

Hello, I'm Julia Lockhart!

Yes, it's true. I've worked for Canada's largest Facebook advertiser before branching out on my own! 

Why should anything I say matter to you? Well...Over the course of the last 3 years, I've sold products for DOZENS of different companies and helped launch online courses for some cool and unique niches! Generating millions of dollars in revenue, I've spent over $15 Million on Facebook Advertising alone! $15 Million! I was shocked when I compiled all my numbers together. 

My specialty is ECommerce - I've sold anything from tech gadgets, to heath supplements, to apparel, to jewelry and accessories. The list goes on! And a lot of the products were so huge, you could buy them at Best Buy or other electronic stores! (That's pretty neat). 

I truly love helping businesses grow + succeed. I think it's amazing when a company can take a product from the ground up and grow it into a successful business! I've had the opportunity to work alongside many growing businesses, and it makes me excited to see how much profit they've made, just by knowing exactly how to market their product properly on Facebook!

I've tested so many different types of ads, ad copy, videos, images, headlines - AND have been surrounded by so many smart marketers and business people, that I now have the knowledge to show you the exact steps you need to take in order to take your hobby into a full time (6 figure) business!


I love small business owners. My ENTIRE family are entrepreneurs, owning their own local small businesses. I've seen how something like "direct response" advertising can help scale a business and I want to help other people in similar situations! So many people don't have a clue that there are more to Facebook ads that just hitting that "boost" button. That boost button will do nothing but waste your money! Trust me. I love putting together campaigns that will expand your horizons on which audiences your product will sell to best. (You may be surprised!)

Whether you've used Facebook Business Manager before, or you haven't got a clue - you'll want to keep reading! My expertise is found in my "direct response" advertising style. "Branding" is not the only thing that matters. My brain works like this: "Will this ad makes sales? If not - let's pivot."

I've curated this "direct-response" Facebook ads course just for you! Not only will I show you examples, but I'll give you my best kept secrets for creating profitable ads.

Let's take this journey together - there's no reason you should be making "bad ads" when you can easily turn your $50 into a 10x return!

In this course you'll discover:


​How To Setup ​Everything

If you've never created Facebook ads before, there's a whole advertising back-end that can be confusing. I'll teach you how to setup your account, connect pixel tracking to your website, and setup ad campaigns.


Facebook Ad Strategies

 I'll teach you the perfect campaign setup for "Direct Performance" ads, which audience you should be targeting, how to set them up, and how much money you should initially be spending on your ads.


​What The Data Means

I'll help you figure out all the metrics that you're going to be looking at! Click-through-rate, Cost-per-impression, Cost-per-click, and so much more! You'll know which ones are important and which you can skip over.

"I could never figure out how to setup a campaign until this!"

"As soon as I looked at the Facebook Ads Manager platform, I immediately got discouraged. I felt so lost, so I gave up on creating ads for my baking supply business. It wasn't until I found this course where Julia took us step-by-step through EVERYTHING that I finally understood!

I don't know what I would have done without her help!"

- Melanie K (Baking Supplies)

Step-By-Step Instructions 

You'll use the exact "Direct Performance" strategies as I've used on million-dollar ECommerce campaigns

When John discovered the powerful targeting tactics that you can use on Facebook's Ads Manager platform, his jewelry business shot through the roof. He was reaching people he's never reached before with strategies he never tried until he learned them from this course!

His business exploded in the last quarter of 2017 after setting up "direct performance" ad campaigns.

Now this where it becomes important, "Direct Performance" means -- if the ad isn't converting (making SALES), then you should turn it off and try something new. This is what makes "Advertising Passion Projects Profitably" so much different than any other beginners Facebook Ads course.

You'll discover powerful Facebook strategies, (taught by Julia), who looks at every ad with the mindset: "CONVERT,  SALES, OPTIMIZE!"

Since Day 1 of spending money on Facebook, I've been trained with this "Direct Performance" perspective. And now, I'm ready to share these powerful strategies with anyone who has a product they are ready to sell!

What Advertising Passion Projects Profitably Does for You:


Simple Setup

Facebook Business Manager + Website Pixel Tracking

You'll discover: how to setup your Facebook Business Manager, how to setup and connect your Facebook pixel to your ECommerce store, and how to create an Ad Account (where all your ads are made).

"Step-by-Step" Instructions On  Campaign Structure

You'll understand the different levels of a campaign (Campaign, Ad Set, Ads) and how to differentiate between them. 

  • You'll know which Campaign Objective to choose in order for Facebook to send you the best traffic for your product. 
  • I'll show you the exact objective to choose when it comes to SELLING your product.

Targeting + Bidding 101

You will become an "Ad Set Master" when I teach you the exact Pixel Event to use on your ads to create sales.

We will go into detail about audiences, and how you can expand your reach of potential customers. I'll go through a "Direct Performance" Sales Funnel and show you where to start, as it relates to standard ECommerce practices. 

You'll know which placements work best for selling ECommerce products, and where your ads need to be tested.

You'll know the exact "Conversion Window" to  select to optimize your ads and get results quickly.

Automatic Bidding vs. Manual Bidding? You'll find out!

How To Create Ads That Capture ATTENTION!

This is one of my favorite parts! I'll teach you how to create an Ad that makes SALES! I've seen so. many. ads. and I've tested more ads than you can imagine! After spending $15 Million+, I have a pretty good idea of the first type of image or video ad you should test so you don't waste your own money.

I'll give you a list of my exact angles I test when writing ad copy (headlines + ad text) for Ecommerce products. 

I'll show you the style of images and videos you should test and give you a list of ideas for those too!

I'll go into detail about what you CAN and CANNOT show photos/videos of when marketing on Facebook - and one MAJOR thing you can do to avoid getting "flagged" by Facebook BOTS. 

I'll even let you in on some industry secrets about the BEST types of videos you can create in order to capture the most attention of your audience and turn them into purchasers.

How To Decipher The Data

CTR, CPM, CPA - what!?

I'll outline the exact metrics you should be looking at when it comes to analyzing your campaign performance.

I'll teach you what each important metric means, which metrics you must always watch, and which ones you can avoid.


"I can actually start living off my ECommerce Store!"

"Wow, the information was so simple to follow! Julia really went through every step of the process so clearly. She even explained WHY some things work better through examples and her experiences. Using her method, I tested various audiences and quickly found out that the audience I thought would buy my product, performed the worst! I was surprised with which audience resonated best with my brand and product and it's all thanks to the testing I learned from this course!"

- Ellie A (Macaron Pastries)

What You'll Get...

A 11 Module Video Course That Shows You The EXACT Steps You Need To Create Profitable Facebook Ads

I'll help you setup Facebook ads exactly like a "Direct Performance" Advertiser

You'll get:

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    11 Videos of Step-by-Step Tutorials and Examples
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    2 "Go-To" PDF's When Creating Ad Campaigns
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    Secrets From Workin' The Trade
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    Access to my Facebook Group Community


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     The #1 Secret To Grow Ad Engagement + Increase Your Social Proof
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    Creating a "Birds Eye View" Campaign Naming Structure
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    5 Angles You Should Test When Writing Ads
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    How To "A/B Split-Test" + Optimize Your Ads Effectively


When you're done with this beginner's course, you'll walk away knowing how to advertise your products on Facebook like a pro!


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"My business grew from $5000 revenue per month to $50,000!"

"I was making a decent living from selling my tech gadgets, but couldn't drop my full-time job until I found this course! After learning the tactics, strategies and secrets that she shares in the course, I was able to quit my job and support my family doing something that I love! 10/10 Recommend this course to anyone who wants to know the ins + outs of Facebook advertising!"

- Richard M (Tech Gadgets)

"But Julia, I don't have extra cash laying around to spend on Advertising"

What! You're telling me you don't have thousands of dollars laying around? Hahaha, just kidding ;) This is the BEAUTY of Facebook Advertising. You DON'T need a lot of money to get started! What makes Facebook so unique, is that you get access to so much data, in so little time. You don't need to spend a lot of money to see results, and if you want your budget to be only $5/day, so be it!

It's time to take your business to the next level. If you're ready to discover how Facebook Advertising can transform your hobby from a passion project to a business, like it did for so many other people, it's time to take charge. Missing out on this training could mean you're losing revenue from customers you've never even met yet! Your products could be reaching customers all over the world, simply by starting a Facebook campaign.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to grow your business on your own. You don't need an Advertising Agency to grow your business - I can easily teach you how to do it yourself! Would you rather be stuck working your full-time job that's wearing you thin, or are you passionate about selling your gadgets, handcrafted jewelry, or baking supplies, GROWING your business and being able to service a GIANT marketplace! (THE INTERNET!)  

And don't forget...missing out on this course means you'll miss out on my Facebook Group community where I post weekly updates about "WHAT'S NEW" with Facebook, tips for your ads, and how the Facebook algorithm is constantly changing things! The value of this resource is huge!

It's Time To Take The Leap

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     The #1 Secret To Grow Ad Engagement + Increase Your Social Proof
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    Creating a "Birds Eye View" Campaign Naming Structure
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    5 Angles You Should Test When Writing Ads
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    How To "A/B Split-Test" + Optimize Your Ads Effectively

These Bonuses are crucial when it comes to knowing how to "OPTIMIZE" your ads. Meaning --- you'll be able to create more powerful, stronger, relevant ads for your potential audience. 

[LIMITED TIME] Don't Miss Out On This 24 Hour Bonus Offer!

Don't Miss Out On The World's #1 Marketing Tool To Grow Your Business!

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    Scale your Online Store via FB Ads
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    Exact Setup Steps for Campaign Structure
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    Lifetime Access To The Course (Including Updates!)
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    Access to my FB Ads Resource Group

All these now for just:


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If you still don't understand how to setup Facebook ads, I'd love to chat with you to see how I can help. Please remember, I am always available via my Facebook Ad Resource group to answer any questions you have about Facebook ads! I've worked really hard to create this course and make it simple, easy and straight-forward. If you're unsatisfied with what you've learned and implemented, I'd be happy to send you a refund.

"I've worked really hard to create this Facebook Ads course and strive to make things simple, easy and straight-forward."


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