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Hello! I'm Julia Lockhart, and I love growing ecommerce businesses with Facebook and Instagram Ads! Whether you're already selling your product on Facebook and Instagram or you're ready to start...We can help!

About Me

After working with Canada’s #1 Facebook Advertiser (and spending $20 Million on the platform), I gained the experience and knowledge to create powerful ads that convert directly into sales.

I’ve now owned my agency, AdVenture Marketing, for 2.5 years and we get to work with some of the coolest ecommerce brands across the World!

We specialize in working with medium sized Ecommerce companies – using our tried and true creative strategies to sell your product or service on Facebook! We’ve been fortunate to work with many different types of clients, in various industries across the World.

My goal is to help you achieve the greatest ROI as possible on your ads! So let’s start creating and testing!


People I’ve Worked With

…and many more!

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What do High Performing FB Ads do?
make. you. money.

haha 😉

All kidding aside, this is truly what ecommerce is all about.

I work with clients who have either established their business and are ready to scale + grow..

If you need help with videos, images, headlines, ad copy, landing pages, Facebook PIXELS, targeting...that is my speciality! I'll share with you exactly how to optimize a full sales funnel in order to get you the sales you've been trying to achieve. A lot of people get confused and bombarded when it comes to all this, but it's where I thrive!

I've scaled + grown dozens of businesses, selling anything from tech gadgets, jewelry, subscriptions boxes - to e-courses! (There's been a lot more in between too).  Want to ask me any questions about the industry you're in? 

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